About Us

Jahim Uddin Polytechnic Institute approved by Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) , is the largest private polytechnic Institute in Jamalpur District. Without adjusting quality education with the rapid spread of technology, skilled human resources don’t develop. And the importance of technical education is a lot to build skilled and experienced manpower. The demand for technical education is increasing worldwide in the development of time and technology.  Jasim Uddin Polytechnic started his journey with sincere effort and strong stiffness in June 2010 with just technology. In the first year of establishment, all the seats allowed in the approved seats were enrolled. In response to the start challenge, the private polytechnic (Technical Education) was approved in many seats by introducing new technologies from 2011-2012. Currently, 2021-2022, students enrollment work is being conducted in 500 seats in 9 technology.
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