Career Counseling

Choosing the right career

To survive the complexity and crisis in the beginning of career, young people should choose a career where they can adjust their own interests and qualifications. For this reason, college life is the best time to set the goal of the career. But one student joked that the main crisis of their father’s generation was the middle life crisis. But when they come to their generation, they are in crisis in the first life. Because dream job is not matching the dream job even after getting around 100% in the board examination, the dream job is not catching him. Where parents celebrate the little success of children with pleasure, why are 60% of our young people passing today concerned about their future?

What job can I get when I read diploma in engineering?

Diploma in Engineering from Technical Education Institutions has significant opportunities for all the work opportunities: 

1. Deputy Assistant Engineer has a job opportunity in government institutions. 

2. Diploma engineers abroad have a wide job opportunity, including mill factories. 

3. Water Development Board, Power Development Board, T&T, Television, Wireless, Molecular Energy Commission, Weather Department, Vocational School College, Technical Schools, City Corporations, Municipalities, Bangladesh Shipping Corporation, Airport Authority, Bangladesh Road Transport Authority, Bank, Rural Power Engineering Colleges, TTC, other government institutions have jobs. 

4. Besides government jobs and diploma engineers there are jobs for various private companies. 

5. Not only in the country, there are many areas of work outside the country. A student can do the better in this sector as well as theoretical knowledge as well as possible in theoretical knowledge. If you have your skills and qualifications, there will be no lack of work. Salary in the current salary scale in the current salary scale in the government institutions can be paid in the 10th grade. In private, salaries differ.

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